We are here for fun. Nightly Entertainment and setups.

The Velvet Curtain is a Private Theatre and Social Club


Fridays $20/couple, All other days, $40/Couple.

Single ladies are free until 10pm, $10 thereafter.

Bring identification for your first visit. Other visits do not require identification.


Everyday several people plan activities with their friends. They dine, dance and enjoy activities with their playmates. They aim at making most out of the pleasurable evening. Every individual should follow certain etiquette to enjoy the activities without fail. We call these to rules of objectivist playing.

Rule 1: Discuss with your partner your own set of rules and expectations.

Rule 2: Accept rejection. Objectivism is a liberal lifestyle; hence, everyone has the right to accept or reject an offer. If you do not feel like involving yourself in a activity, then politely say "No Thanks".

Rule 3: Act friendly. Do not act rudely with your mates. Behave politely and express your feelings and preferences in a complacent manner.

Rule 4: Act courteously You should listen to other people with patience. A courteous behavior is often reciprocated by a humble gesture. Hence, make sure you are kind, understanding and thoughtful with your mates.

Rule 5: Respect others privacy. Many individuals want confidentiality; hence, do not intrude in between the activities. Respect their feelings and ask for their consent. If the answer is "No" , then move out without creating a chaos.

Rule 6: Do not act pushy. It is about pleasure and every individual should pay equal attention to the feelings of others.

Rule 7: Enjoy. The evening is about social enjoyment, so, follow your heart and relish your dreams. Follow the above rules and turn your objectivist experience into a memorable one.

Rule 8: Dress to Impress! Coming to one of our private parties is like going to a hot nightclub, and you can be as sexy or risqué as you want.  Do not dress gym, sports or outdoor attire please!

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