Examiner.com 2014 Texas Swinger Club of the Year

The Velvet Curtain is Dallas' Premier private On Premise Couples-Only Private Theatre and Lifestyle Society for quality, discrete open minded adults. Membership is limited to couples and females wishing to expand their horizons and explore their fantasies with other like-minded people in a safe, no-pressure, discrete and fun environment. You will find our members to be some of the friendliest in the metroplex. We guarantee an environment that is safe and friendly through our exclusive membership process.

Conveniently located in Downtown Dallas, The Velvet Curtain offers a theatre room, lounge area for mingling, nightly entertainment, big screen TV's and projectors special video presentations, all in a relaxed atmosphere. Our events are open to mixed-sex couples, female-only couples, and single females.

Check out our Calendar for upcoming fun theme nights and special events. All events are BYOB with Premium Setups provided.

We are open every Friday from 9pm until 3am and Saturday from 9pm until 4am. For Saturday Events, if you are a first time visiting couple and arrive before 10pm, the visit is free. All Events Have Valet Parking Including a Secured Guarded and Locked Facility For Your Automobile Facility Includes Upscale Lockers and a Dressing Room for Wardrobe Changes and Valuables

The Velvet Curtain is Smoke Free indoors, but E-Cigs are welcome. We also have a large outdoor patio for our smoking guests.


I am celebrating a special occasion



What are Lifestyle (“swinger”) parties like?

They’re fun, fun, fun! They’re just like other cocktail parties in all respects but two — at a lifestyle party, many of the people attending will adjourn to bedrooms to watch people having sex or to have sex with one another, and second, it’s rare to see people drink excessively at lifestyle parties. (Swingers tend not to be heavy drinkers.) All the normal conventions and manners apply. People chat, laugh, eat, drink, dance, renew friendships, and get to know people they’ve just met.

What should I wear?

Dress to Impress! Coming to one of our private parties is like going to a hot nightclub, and you can be as sexy or risqué as you want. Do not dress gym, sports or outdoor attire please!

If the party has a theme, do I have to come in theme attire?

No, though you may have more fun if you do.

What’s the best time to arrive?

The doors open at 9:00 PM for evening parties. You’ll want arrive in time to relax and meet a variety of people before couples start heading back to the bedrooms.

Will I be approached by a bunch of guys the moment I walk in the door?

No, lifestyle parties are the same as every other adult party in this regard. We typically have male friends assist with parking when you arrive and escort you to our front door. Deb will generally be at the entrance to greet you as you come in. People of both sexes will often say hi to you after you get settled — our friends are friendly – and we often introduce couples to one another.

This will be my first party and I’m a bit nervous – what should I expect?

We get many “newbies” at our parties, and we work hard to provide a safe, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. While there’s a wide range of what new people feel comfortable doing, a typical first party would be to socialize with other guests for much of the evening, then go back to one of the play areas to watch, and maybe even play together as a couple. Occasionally, a first-time couple or single will be so eager, excited and comfortable as to end up playing with others, and that is definitely a “Wow” for everyone! You should plan to talk with your partner a lot, before the party, at the party and after – about how you feel, what you think you’re ready for, what you want, what you DON’T want, etc. New couples usually create a set of rules that allow them to explore, but set limits that keep them feeling safe and comfortable. It’s interesting to note that couples who embrace the lifestyle find their communication skills become better and better, which we believe is one of the reasons for the very low divorce rate among experienced lifestyle couples.

Will I be expected to participate?

Of course not! Lifestyle play is a consensual adult activity.

Can I just watch?

Sure! But be considerate. In the group bedrooms, it’s expected that people will watch, but in the more intimate bedrooms, make sure it’s OK with the people there before you go in. If you’ve ever been to one of those clubs where guys stand around in white towels playing with themselves while watching, don’t worry; that does not happen at our private parties.

Is it OK if my partner and I just play together?

We recommend it! It’s a great way for couples to connect with each other, and a great way for new couples to begin to explore the lifestyle.

What if I don’t want to play with someone who wants to play with me?

That’s normal. Everyone in the lifestyle feels that way at times. Just tell the person you’re not interested, using whatever words feel most comfortable to you. We often hear “No thank you” or “Maybe later” or “Not now – I need to…(go to the bathroom) (get some water) (go outside and cool off), etc.

What if I DO want to play with someone — how do I ask?

If you’ve been chatting for a while and you’re wondering how to proceed, just ask: “My wife (husband, partner) and I were wondering if you’d like to play with us” or “We’re really attracted to you both, would you like go upstairs and have some fun?” or even just “Wanna go play?”

What if someone touches me that I don’t want to?

It is definitely NOT OK for someone to touch you without your OK – this is a consensual adult activity. Don’t feel uncomfortable about saying, “No thank you” and/or removing the person’s hand. If the same person touches you again, be firm or let your partner indicate you’re not interested. Also, feel free to speak with Deb, or any of our volunteer party staff.

What if I want to touch someone?

Just ask – “Is it OK if I touch you?” If it’s a couple, be sure to get approval from BOTH partners before touching the one you’re interested in.

We’re only interested in a foursome with another couple…

No problem; just let your wishes be known during your conversations.

We’re only interested in a threesome with another woman…

No problem, just let your wishes be known during your conversations. We have single women friends who attend Friday and Saturday night parties, and some couples play individually (without their partner), as well as together.

We’re just interested in a threesome with another man…

No problem, just let your wishes be known during your conversations. We permit a very limited number of single male friends at certain parties, and in addition, some couples play separately (without their partner), as well as together. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a couple and agree to play with another a couple, but you really want just one of the partners, make sure you the couple know in advance. It’s no fun going into what you thinks is a foursome, only to find it’s a threesome and you’re on the sidelines watching.

Do people use drugs at your parties?

NO!!! ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED, for obvious reasons. Guests found to have illegal drugs at our parties or events will be asked to leave.

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